Teeth Whitening

Nowadays, it is safe to assume that everyone wants whiter teeth. With a saturated market full of products that “promise” to whiten your smile, it is not uncommon that they are unsure or sceptical about the effectiveness of the product in terms of removing stains. When it comes to tooth stains; it can be internal or external and our dentists can examine the correct type to find the right product for you.

Puckle St Dental offers Zoom ® LED in-chair whitening; 60 to 75-minute process that gets your teeth as white as you like.  We also have other whitening products such as Polar office and Opalescence.

External Staining

External discoloured teeth are caused by the exposure to food and drinks. A routine polish and clean can aid in the removal of external stains. For a more effective result, a whitening gel can be used to whiten the stains to create a whiter shade. Please call us to arrange a consultation to determine if external whitening is the option for you.

Internal Staining

Internally discoloured teeth can be the result of the excessive use of fluoride, a dying tooth or a byproduct of a past root canal treatment. Talk to us discuss the available treatment options.


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