Dr Safa Jamshed

Inspired by Passion

Dr Safa Jamshed loves how dentistry is the unique intersectionality of the creativity of art, the exactness of science and the humbling feeling of being in service to others. Being an all-rounder high achiever her whole life with a strong sense of empathy for others, Dr Safa’s most natural career choice was dentistry. It is these factors that make her an excellent dentist because not only does she provide the highest quality dentistry, she places a huge emphasis on making you feel at ease and relaxed in the chair.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

Dr Safa Jamshed received the Dean’s Scholarship to study Biomedical Science at La Trobe University for academic excellence. She completed her Bachelor of Health Science in Dentistry/Masters of Dentistry double degree of 5 years from La Trobe University (Class of 2019).

Since then, Dr Safa has gone on to complete numerous professional development courses to keep up to date with extractions, root canals, fillings, and crowns and bridges.

Dr Safa enjoys the wide breadth of general dentistry but her favourite part of the day is helping patients achieve their dream smiles.

Outside-the-Office Interests

When Dr Safa is not geeking out over teeth, she has a special interest in holistic wellbeing and binges personal development podcasts. Dr Safa finds great joy in cooking, being out in the sun and nature, a good chat, and parenting her very cheeky toddler.

Safa Jamshed

Dr Safa Jamshed

General Dentist