Dr David Tran

Inspired by Family

Dr David chose dentistry as a career as he was inspired by his mum’s way of caring for other people. “I liked the way she taught the family to look after people.” He realised that dentistry was a way to demonstrate that same care and concern.

Dr David enjoys giving compassionate care to his patients and always ensures they get the treatment that they need. “I help patients understand what the problem is and how to deal with it.”

Educational and Professional Qualifications

Dr David graduated from Adelaide University with a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery. He’s been practicing for more than 15 years. He belongs to the Australian Dental Association and keeps abreast of the latest trends in materials and machinery. Dr David has also spent a great deal of time developing his skills in implant dentistry.

Outside-the-Office Interests

Outside the office, Dr David enjoys spending time with his friends, family and extended family. He is also passionate about French food, culture and language.

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Dr David Tran

Dr David Tran