Dr Luisa Pelaez

Inspired by Passion

Dr Luisa chose this career from an incredibly young age inspired by her own dentist and his way of enjoying caring for people. She has always cared about making people feel comfortable and confident when smiling, as on her own words “A smile can change the world and it is the beauty of the soul”.

Dr Luisa is passionate about making patients feel calm and relaxed in the dental chair, managing their anxiety by ensuring a kind, gentle and caring experience. She enjoys practicing general dentistry, particularly restorative and aesthetic work with crowns, veneers, and bridges, always committed to her patients’ well-being.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

Dr Luisa graduated as a Dentist in Colombia in 2012 and received prizes and awards while completing her training. As she moved to Australia, she worked hard to achieve the accreditation of her career in the country, for which she feels enormously proud. She is a member of Australian Dental Association and has a keen eye for detail and enjoys educating patients about their oral health, their options, and subsequent treatment.

Outside-the-Office Interests

Outside the office, Dr Luisa enjoys spending time with her husband, her dog “Peppa”, and growing family. She loves to travel around the world, to ride her bicycle and to taste all types of cuisines.


Dr Luisa Pelaez

General Dentist